View Key Vehicle Metrics Across Your Fleet


Access the vehicle data you need to manage your fleet in the Otonomo App for Salesforce. Harness the flexibility of Salesforce to customize your fleet management solution.

No hardware to install or maintain. Zero downtime for your vehicles.

The Otonomo App for Salesforce provides:
  • Out-of-the-box integration with Salesforce
  • Easy access to embedded vehicle data
  • Visibility into vehicle status across entire fleet
  • View fleet overall mileage travelled through distance tracking
  • Geofencing to support unauthorized access
  • View closest vehicle to customer on map for dispatching
  • Events API to support alerts and event-based actions
  • New business insights through reports, dashboards and map functionality


How can vehicle data help grow your business?

  • Explore trends when merging vehicle and customer data
  • Organize and manage vehicle and customer information in one place
  • Events API supports automated alerts for maintenance, warranties, special offers
  • Geofencing helps to combat fraud by monitoring off-hour vehicle usage
  • Maximize the lifespan of your vehicles via preventive maintenance
  • Monitor key vehicle indicators such as odometer, usage and age, to determine when to retire / replace vehicles
  • Locate closest vehicle to a customer on a map to dispatch