Tap Into EV Intelligence to Identify Optimal Site Locations and Maximize EV Charging Station ROI

Otonomo’s EV Intelligence based on mobility patterns, fused with battery level data, enables Charge Point Operators to pinpoint high demand corridor site locations for EV Charging Stations. 

    Lat/Long area insights 
    Seasonality / Day / Night
    KwH potential usage
    AC/DC Recommendations

The EV Intelligence solution empowers strategic, data-driven decisions by transforming vast amounts of anonymized data and activity signals into actionable, impactful, and monetizable intelligence and insights. 

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A Few Words From Our Partners & Customers


Avis Budget Group

“Otonomo also allows us to safely and securely engage with new public and commercial partners, and together, make an impact on what the future of mobility looks like.”


“We all know that data is the king. With Otonomo, GreenRoad will be able to bring its unique data actualization technologies and driver behavior-focused safety approach to a much larger scale of connected car services.”


“Car makers will benefit from Otonomo’s integration to the Microsoft Connected Vehicle Platform on Azure to enable easier data sharing and value creation options"